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10 Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making

Our team has the pleasure of building brands who can be trusted. It’s never been more important (but at times, more confusing) to create trust in your marketing efforts.

Here’s a list of marketing mistakes we’ve seen (and made):

1. Talking About Grandpa – people don’t care about your grandpa who started the business. They care about themselves, not about you.

2. Ignoring Email – beyond your site, still the most powerful communication tool on the planet.

3. Hammering Facts – as one of our clients always says, “facts tell, stories sell.” Tell better stories.

4. Speaking Jargon – we don’t know your acronyms or jargon. Boil your message down to something simple.

5. Tactics > Trust – instead of debating tactics, let’s build trust first. A tactic without trust is wasted budget.

6. Shiny > Substance – social media is a shiny cherry on top of a meat and potatoes marketing meal of a vibrant website.

7. Keep Telling Us You’re Awesome – you can stop that, let someone else do it instead. Preferably your client.

8. Convince > Connect – we don’t want to be sold, but we LOVE to be understood. Then we buy, lots.

9. Hide Behind Stock Images – we’d rather see you, and your team, and where you work.

10. Assume Something is Better than Word of Mouth – no ad, video, or SEO effort will ever take the place of a human telling another human about your work. Empower your clients to be wonderful storytellers.

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