Losing Your Way Somewhere Along the Way

“The truth is I lost my way somewhere along the way…”

I’d entertain the argument, but you can’t convince me otherwise.

The Avett Brothers are the greatest songwriters in history. Their lyrics are haunting, inspiring, and raw.

Their line above hits too close to home, for me.

Somewhere along the way, I lost mine.

It took the form of a dulled soul, numbed identity, and lots of pain in my wake for those I loved (and who love me).

My specifics can’t be contained in a short story, but I see others…

No one wakes up one morning and asks to blow their life up.

No one makes a conscious choice to end deep relationships.

No one willingly self-sabotages a career.

No one walks head-first into a hollowed out version of themselves.

The truth is, they lost their way, somewhere along the way.

Slowly. Drip by drip. Drift by drift. Cope by cope. Numb by numb.

We settle. We excuse. We hush the quiet voice in the recesses of our souls. We choose comfort over courage.

And before you know it, we trade in golden pieces of ourselves for some cheap, plastic imitations.

“Long enough to give me some directions home.”

The best part about losing your way? You get to come home.

Back to yourself. Where the deep treasure is laying dormant.

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