Lesson from Sing 2: Guts. Stamina. Faith.



We have a group text string in our family called Bam. It used to be called Fam Bam. Now it’s just Bam. Not entirely sure when it changed, or what it even means.

What I do know is there are 7 humans carrying on digital conversations from Wordle, to Tik Toks, to trash talk, to grocery lists, to reminders about doing chores, to threats to do chores, to good luck messages, to massive fights, to politics, to playlists, and everything in between.

I’m sure Apple can tell me with precision, but I imagine there’s 100 texts a day that fly through that ‘gc’ as our kids call it. Maybe 1,000 on some days.

“We’re gonna watch Sing 2 in our room if anyone wants to join.”

Instantly, a teenager, who was out and about with friends, responded with the above.

I think the all caps means she really liked it.

And it’s hard to blame her.

It wasn’t Super Bowl Halftime Show good (that’s a post for another day, clearly late 90’s / early 2000’s rap will always be king), but it was damn good.

As all good stories do, there’s turmoil and tough terrain, something massively at stake, this time early on. Buster Moon McConaughey (different than Salesforce Spokesman McConaughey from tonight) is dejected and defeated after hearing his little town’s show wasn’t good enough for the big lights and big stage.

At least according to one critical woman’s opinion.

As he sulks back in (completely unaware of the power his present show is having I might add), dripping wet with defeat and shame, Nana sees him in all his languishing.

It’s this wonderful moment when an external influence meets a personal tug of war with enough grace to get through, yet enough toughness and tenacity to connect to the internal truth.

“It’s not enough to have dreams and ambition. It takes guts, stamina and faith to make them real.”

We literally paused the show. Brooke started a real life Bam conversation with the four of our five kids who were in the room.

Guts. Stamina. Faith.

The rest of the movie puts you in Buster’s shotgun seat, witnessing his real (well, you know what I mean) life effort at bringing Nana’s caring challenge to life.

Dreams are great to journal about, share on social media, or make a board full of clippings about.

Ambition is laced with great desire and intention.

But when the going gets tough, the dejection sets in, and the dreams feel like they’re being dashed on the rocks, it seems like Nana has a good word for all of us.

Guts to go for it.

Stamina to keep going.

Faith to know we’re part of a story larger than we can ever imagine.

That’ll preach, Nana.

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