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It Is What It Is

There’s a long list of annoying buzzwords if you hang around a corporate setting long enough.

At the end of the day, we’ll collaborate to leverage our resources for a strong ROI.

One that used to really bug me, “It is what it is.”

Besides being popular, it rang hollow to me. Like, an excuse. Or some lazy ass explanation of something you didn’t want to fix.

Sales goal didn’t get met? It is what it is.

Relationships suck? It is what it is.

Keep crushing nachos at 11:30 alongside the nightcap? It is what it is.

When used in that context, my judge-y attitude probably has some merit. But I’m learning to reframe ‘what is’ a little differently, with a little more reality.

“There’s a very persistent idea in the mind…that life should be as we WANT it to be rather than as IT IS. Because of this, we suffer. Accepting life as it is, we let go of this resistance,” Andy Puddicombe, Headspace Founder.

It’s dead-on.

The stuff I get all revved up, amped up, anxious over, mad at, scared of, and worried about all track back to the suffering I cause myself when I fight with reality.

Easier said than done, but gentle acceptance sure seems to be a better way than suffering through a wrestling match of what is.

It is what it is though, I suppose.

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