I Used to Think, But Now I Think I Think…

I used to think ….

But now I think ….

Here are 10 things I used to think but now I think (I think):

– – –

The truth would scare people away.

The truth is all there is to tell.

– – –

Freedom will come at some point in the future.

Freedom is here now, if we want it.

– – –

The best is yet to come.

The present, in all its reality, beauty, and brokenness, is the best.

– – –

Longing and aching and groaning can be stuffed or suffocated.

They can’t, at least not for long. Nor should they be, they’re breadcrumbs of desire.

– – –

Success was a measuring stick of worth and identity.

Success feels a lot more like acceptance, awareness, and relationship.

– – –

Defending, protecting, avoiding, and hiding were the keys to survival.

Those things are the keys to imprisonment.

– – –

Compartments for the different roles in life were necessary.

Whole humanity patchwork throughout all our roles seems healthier.

– – –

You should know the right answers. And be certain.

I have soooo many more questions than answers.

– – –

Sacrificing sleep gave me an advantage.

Sleep is deep restoration.

– – –

I can avoid pain, suffering, and uncomfortable feelings and situations.

Suffering is caused when I fight against reality.

– – –

How about you?

What did you used to think that now you think differently about?

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