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“There are times when my schedule is way out of balance, when it’s a grind, and other stuff has to take a back seat,” he started.

“Anytime you’re building something of substance, there will be times that are unbalanced,” he continued.

He is a fellow agency owner. A decade into his journey. Several steps ahead of me on the path.

“But I tell you what can’t get off-center. Harmony. With those you love. And those you lead.”

There’s this endless pressure to be balanced.

Have a balanced life. Eat a balanced diet. Balance your schedule. Balance your checkbook.

But aren’t there times, when you have to go full throttle and hustle?

Or times when you have to shut the work stuff down completely and be present with your family?

Or times when the noise is too much, and you have to tune it all out and isolate?


To live in peace with yourself, and the others in your life.

To find a rhythm, to figure out what works.

To determine what notes sound best with the chorus around you.

Balance feels impossible. Harmony feels peaceful.

Because when we’re out of harmony, we’re out of whack.

We cope, we strive, we look for someone else to give us our identity.

At least I do.

I’m getting off the balance beam, in search of something more harmonious…

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