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Get Them Into Their Emotion

“Get them into their emotion…”

Brooke, my wife and much better half, is neck deep in getting her Master’s in Counseling. Long before school officially started for her, she has had tons of real life training being married to me nearly 19 years, and being a mom of the five humans we’ve been raising together.

Turns out humans are messy, complex, and beautiful.

One evening, as we sat by a fire outside, and I shared some struggles I was experiencing at work, she calmly, lovingly, and simply encouraged me…

“Get them into their emotion, and then be there for them…”

As we’ve stared into the marketing frontier the last five years, and built a team whose souls come alive for story, I never imagined how much emotional intelligence, empathy, and vulnerability would be a prerequisite for the work ahead.

So when our team had the privilege of telling Shannon & Dustin Lundberg’s story, owners of Blue Heating and Cooling in Parkville, it was a gift to help them get into their emotion.

“Dustin has the biggest heart, he cares more about this team and our customers…”

“Shannon is the life behind the scenes…”

“This team means the world to us…”

“We love our customers…”

I loved witnessing part of telling this story. And like all of our businesses, the real work they do is much deeper than any product or service.

It’s full of care, fear, soul, grit, resilience, empathy, heart, worry, and the building of something much bigger than today’s payroll.

“Get them into their emotion…”

Easier said than done, but really powerful when you start connecting to people in those waters.

And then hold the space to be there for them…

Watch the Video Here. 

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