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Find the Trailhead

Find the Trailhead

I flunked out of Cub Scouts. My brother, on the other hand, is an Eagle Scout.

In related news, I dragged an actual bed mattress out to a tent a few weekends ago when we “roughed it” 8 feet from our back porch.

No hard feelings. I know you’d choose him if you needed to survive.

I vaguely remember one scouting lesson on map reading. Not like the old school maps your old man got at the gas station with his bitter, black coffee trying to find the way to Tulsa.

But the maps you were supposed to interpret with all those weird swirls and lines.

Somehow they showed hills, or elevation, or whatever. They looked like a fingerprint to me.

As terrible as I was at topo map reading, it doesn’t discount how important they are. Maps of all kinds are critical, of course.

But I think, oftentimes, we sit around and study proverbial maps instead of trusting the path will emerge when we start walking.

Research. Read blogs. Listen to podcasts. Write out a wellness plan. Who else had success? Ugh, now I’m insecure. Who am I to take any steps? I can’t even read this damn map. Screw it.

What if we focus on simply finding the trailhead instead?

Find courage, get out of the car, start walking, and trust the trail.

The trail where eagles learn to fly, perhaps.

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