Drifting Towards Discipline

The tide was out, and we found ourselves a hundred yards or so away from shore. It was our last day in Florida, and we were going to get as much ocean time in as possible.

We were on the hunt for sand dollars and big shells. Deep enough for the required “hey, there’s a shark” joke from one sibling to another, but not too deep where we couldn’t all still touch.

A few minutes turned into what must have been an hour.

When it was time to head back towards the beach chairs, we realized we weren’t anywhere near where we started.

We’d drifted several hundred yards.

Drifting is fine, awesome even, when you’re floating around in the ocean.

But isn’t the current of drifting rather powerful in real life too? And usually not as enjoyable?

“I’ll work hard tomorrow.”

“I’ll lay off the booze after my birthday.”

‘I’ll write that book when I feel inspired.”

“I’ll get back in the gym sometime soon.”

“I’ll read a book instead of binging all these TV shows once it arrives.”

Without intervention, our good intentions and well-wishes drift a few hundred yards from their intended outcomes.

It’s hard work to fight against those currents, but at some point, when we drift towards discipline instead, the momentum takes you a lot closer to the beach chair.

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