Don’t Give Your Pen Away

“If you give away control of the pen, you give away control of your story.”

Bob Kendrick spoke these words to our Guild Content team a few weeks ago, as we toured the precious and powerful Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

The greatest storyteller I’ve ever met, he filled our souls with line after line like this, full of truth (in its often ugliness), resilience, beauty, and promise.

It’s a holy experience, really, to be in his presence, in that place.

One I’m still processing even as I type the next words here.

But one thing that’s crystal clear to me…

Story is what moves us.

It’s what connects us.

It’s what inspires us.

It’s what awakens us.

It’s what unites us.

It’s what heals us.

It’s what helps us realize what’s at stake.

And, sadly, based on the stories we tell ourselves and others, the very opposite of all this can be true as well.

Bob, Kiona Sinks, and the rest of their talented team have lots to teach, but I learned one lesson loud and clear.

Your story is precious, powerful, and holds deep purpose. Don’t give your pen away.

Use it to tell us your story instead, so we can all experience more of the healing, awakening, and connection it offers.

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