Don’t Be Daunted

Don’t Be Daunted

Over the course of the last six weeks or so, our team has spent an inordinate amount of time googling “synonyms of….” or “definition of…”

For 2022 planning purposes, we had a dusting off and recreation of our Mission, Vision, and Core Values, and we labored and wrestled over every word.

It’s an exercise I will share in more depth before the new year in case it would benefit any of y’all looking to do the same.

But in short, the major learning was this: words really matter. 😀

“Don’t be daunted.”

That phrase paused me in my tracks Friday night.

In her 2009 Ted talk, following her smashing book success of “Eat. Pray. Love.,” Elizabeth Gilbert stepped onto Ted’s stage and shared about ‘your elusive creative genius’ and how to access this mysterious power. All while not being terrified your best work is behind you.

It’s well worth a watch (hat tip to Jeremy Parsons for the share), linked here.

As she wrapped, she encouraged us all: “Don’t be daunted.”

With the values work fresh on my mind, I instantly meandered to google.

“Definition of daunted…”

daunt: to lessen the courage of.

With that definition in mind, my mind then instantly meandered to our last board meeting.

“Think back to the beginning of the pandemic, at the height of your worry and fear about the business. How much of that worry and fear came true?”

One board member asked it lovingly, but directly.

“Not very much of it, if any,” I replied.

“Over and over again, the call is to live unafraid.”

Easier to say, write, and think about than it is to consistently live.

At least for me.

But it’s true, and it’s worth coming back to, working out, and experiencing over and over again.

Don’t be daunted.

It lessens your courage.

And courage is the prerequisite for the path of doing anything worthy.

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