A Story About My Friend, Darren Prenger

“Blew it!”

It’s a rare sight (because I’m so bad at it), but anytime I’d shoot a right-handed layup in a hoops game, someone would yell that at me.

It was a virtual lock to be an accurate accusation.

I was never exceptional at basketball, but could hang simply because I played hard. And went left.

Being a lefty, it’s a built in awkward advantage.

Unless you’re playing against Darren.

He’s the ONE guy I never wanted to guard me (and guarding him was no fun either) in old man pickup games.

He took away my left. And forced me to strengthen my weaknesses.

Time after time, I’d try and go by him with my left hand, and it was rip city.

There are dozens of things I could say about DP, but one brief story with the characters remaining.

After a dark stint in my career, Darren asked me to go right, instead of left.

To try something new, to join his technology team with a decade plus of non-technology experience.

He has that way about him. Leading, pushing, coaching, and cheering for people to go right, when the easy way is left.

I had the chance to hear his deeper story on our podcast. I was moved by it, I think you will be, too.

Thanks, DP. I’m better because of you. And I know I’m not alone.

Listen here…

Story 55: Darren Prenger on Listening Your Way to Success 🎙 ↗️


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