Justin Ricklefs


Consistency in the Prevailing Winds of Perfection

We’re 7 days into this new, collective chapter.

We are all likely perfectly on the path towards zero inboxes, picture of health, risk mitigated and diversified passive multiple streams of loads of income, deeply connected relationships, and the riddance of all that pesky baggage we’ve carried.

Or maybe, more likely, it’s just kind of been a shit show of a week that we’re glad we endured.

Some beautiful moments of progress, mixed with many more where we fell insanely short of perfect.

Whatever that is.

The challenge with the expectation of perfect is that, for me at least, when I miss the mark (often), I retreat or quit trying altogether.

But maybe the invitation is to keep showing up, expecting less than perfect, and giving our best anyway.

One small burst of that level of effort, focus, and grittiness, strung together day after day after day is perhaps how the prevailing winds of perfection begin losing a bit of their shameful sting.

When the consistency compounds, perfection looks far less impressive.

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