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Clear the Path

It’s no secret there’s an assault on our attention.

A constant barrage of incoming emails. A flurry of notifications. A calendar that will make you crazy, if you’re not careful.

I know the feeling, well.

“Your calendar is so jammed, I felt like I couldn’t even call or text you to see how you were holding up…”

We were in the middle of his exit interview, a team member I wanted to work with into our retirement years. But we only had a few days left, despite my full-court-change-your-mind press.

“Damn, you’re right. I’m sorry I haven’t been more available. It’s been insane.”

Is that how building a business, leading a team, chasing your dreams, living a great story has to be?


I won’t pretend to know all the answers, but I can tell you one practical thing that has helped our team and me grab the handlebars of our calendar.

We call it: Clear the Path.

Every Thursday from 8:30 – 12:30, we agree to:

– No client meetings
– No internal meetings
– Do work that matters (likely, the important work we’ve avoided)

The early results are encouraging.

The space for our souls to breathe and do deep work is justification enough to keep going.

But there’s also been a birth of dozens of transformational ideas.

Clear the path. It’s worth it.

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