Choosing To Stay Trapped

We choose to stay trapped.

And pretend we don’t have agency.

A good friend reminded me of my own:

It was a year ago, or so.

And I was kindly complaining about some circumstances in which I found myself.

He listened.

And understood.

And then said:

“I’m not saying they were good or bad, but do you agree that your choices led to this? That you had a say in the matter?”

Like a pin prick to a helium balloon.

The air went out of my argument.


“I mean, yeah, I made choices that led here. And I have a choice now, but…”

But, nothing.

Sure, we can’t control what happens to us, but I think we use that far too often as a crutch to avoid our own tough choices.

Hate your boss?

Speak up or quit, instead of filling up with resentment.

Hate your job?

Get busy finding (or starting) another one instead of gossiping in the digital hallways.

Sick of the busyness?

Slow down and learn to say no.

Tired of being a rat in the race?

Create a new game to play and invite others to join you.

Exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, unhealthy, uncertain, unhappy, disconnected, disoriented, disenchanted?

What choices led you here, and what will you do to forge a new frontier for yourself?

Way easier said than done.

Of course.

But let’s stop pretending we don’t have a say in the matter.

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