Change Takes Place in the Dirt

We were in the 4th hour of the 1st hour of the agenda. With a lot of ground still to cover.

The Tuesday of a short holiday week.

Thanksgiving on the immediate horizon. 2022 just a little further out. Blurred in the background like a great cinema shot, but its presence just as present.

“Should we table this decision until later in the day or wrestle it down right now,” I asked. Mostly hoping we could move on. My Enneagram 7-ness on full display.

“We’re going to wrestle it down right now,” three of our leaders answered back quickly, each in their own words, but all said the same thing.

“Deep breath, get grounded, get present,” I said internally, and we got to work.

Over the next 45 minutes or so, clarity emerged. Alignment fell in line. Vision got sharp.

It was exhausting but incredibly exhilarating too.

Perhaps it’s a holiday hangover – four and a half days full of too much food, little to no exercise, and loads of coffee and sugar, but in this moment, the concept of change feels necessary, and yet, the doing of it feels heavy, if not impossible.

A little like it felt last Tuesday when I was ready for the “move on” button while the soil still needed to be cultivated.

Finances. Relationships. Health. Business decisions. Parenting. Projects. Emotional connection.

Maybe the reality of those situations and circumstances aren’t where you want them to be. Many of them aren’t for me, that’s for sure.

But, as overwhelming as it may seem, change is possible. We don’t need January 1st to be here to set a new course. We don’t need new workout clothes to workout. Or a new journal to write. Or an upgraded phone or new app to have conversations.

We simply need to see reality for what it is, accept its presence, and then get our hands dirty.

Change doesn’t happen in theory. It happens in the dirt. It happens in practice.

One tiny, brave, awkward, hopeful, expectant step at a time. Even if it gets your shoes dirty.

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