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Attitude in Adversity

What attitude and mindset will you bring when adversity hits you in the face?

Because it will.

Two months ago North Carolina was on the bubble.

Today, they’re preparing for an Elite 8 game on Sunday.

The pivot point in their season?

Getting hammered by Wake Forest by 22 after getting walloped by Miami by 28.

In a Yahoo Sports article, here’s how first-year head coach Hubert Davis reflected on that point of the season.

– – – – –

Davis had been as frustrated as they were. As they aired those frustrations in the players-only meeting, he charted a new course. “We can sit here, and whine and complain, and point fingers, and make excuses,” Davis said that night. “Or you can get back up and keep fighting – or start fighting.” They would recover for practice, and prepare for Virginia Tech. “There is,” Davis said, “no other option.”

– – – – –

This isn’t a glass half full or empty conversation.

It’s about attitude, mindset, and how to attack the adversity in our lives when the glass got smacked off the floor and shattered into pieces.

Understandably, we can:

– Shrink back

– Worry

– Wallow in fear

– Bitch, moan, complain

– Wonder why it’s sooooo easy for everyone else (not true of course)

Or, we can:

– Accept the shitty circumstance

– Take a deep breath

– Find a joyful, grateful, silver lining in the moment

– Smile and get moving

– Fight like hell to create something beautiful from the brokenness

Certainly doesn’t guarantee a shiny ending, but the journey itself is more rewarding when we don’t give into our whining and complaining.

It feels good for a minute, but never delivers what we want.

Start fighting.

In the most loving of ways.

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