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Are We All Just Using Each Other?

90,000 hours.

1/3 of our lives.

Those are the rough estimates of how much time we’ll spend working.

If you have 5 kids headed to college at some point and 4 weddings in your future, those numbers may be low. J

Needless to say, we spend a ton of time at work. Oftentimes, more time than with our own families.

It’s been many years, so I don’t remember the exact scenario of the conversation, but I remember a specific quote a boss of mine said once when we were talking about career advancement and promotions.

He said, “really, we’re all just using each other to get what we want…”

I appreciated, and even respected his honesty, but his comment gave me the feeling like when a record screeches or someone makes that awful noise on a balloon.

Sure, I’m guilty of manipulating, spinning and jockeying my way to what I want every now and then, so again, I appreciate the honesty.

But man, if that’s how we spend 1/3 of our lives, if that’s our motivation, no thanks.

I think there’s a better way to work.

I think there’s a world of business out there that values the human, connects with the person and puts the other’s best interest ahead of the selfish desires each of us possess.

Because we do each possess them.

But couldn’t we build teams, find clients, work with partners and treat others in ways that helped them get what they want?

Instead of using them to get what we want?

My hunch?

That if we help them get what they want, ultimately, we get what we want too.

Yeah, that sounds good.

Much better than a scratchy record or that awful noise on a balloon.

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