Justin Ricklefs


Against Great Odds.

I’m a terrible poker player.

I bluff a time or two early. With little success.

Then essentially wait it out to bet only on good hands.

Once the chips start dwindling, my betting becomes soooo predictable.

Not a good enough hand, fold.

Someone raises it with a bunch of black chips, fold.

Go all in with a quasi-good hand because I can’t afford the next big blind.

And then, eventually, I lose.

It’s a beautiful way to enjoy losing $20 or whatever small amount I’m comfortable losing.

But aren’t we all playing a bigger game, with a dwindling stack of chips, as it relates to great odds against:

– Doing something meaningful with this one shot
– Investing in the relationships that matter
– Being brave enough to create something
– Understanding our own soul and story
– Telling our fears and insecurities they kept us safe for awhile, but now they can shush
– Living a life where we actually feel alive not just try to survive it

The 3 | 8 off-suited hand we’re all dealt to some degree might not ever be favored to beat the house before the flop, but it’s what we got.

Time to go all in. Before it’s too late.

Because it’s only when everything is flipped face up when you see if you can beat the great odds stacked against you.

Seems like the only bet worth making.

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