Action > Analysis

If there was a record for most URL’s purchased on GoDaddy between 2010-2015, I would have won the championship.

If there was a badge for most blogs read about building an audience, a business, or a wellness lifestyle, I would have been given a gold star.

If there was an award for journals purchased, apps downloaded, or hacks planned, I would have been first in my class.

Plans, research, and analysis are all wonderful things.

But, for me at least, they’re often a well-disguised procrastination of the pursuit I’m really after.

Read a book about building a business? Makes me feel like I’m starting a business without the risk of actually doing so.

Fly through a podcast about changing your morning routine? Makes me feel like I’m more aware without actually getting up early, meditating, or writing.

Build an elaborate workout plan and buy some sweet new workout clothes? Makes me feel fit without the hard work of taking the first step.

Hear me clearly, education and research are wonderful tools.

But even better?

Take the first step. Move. Take action. Put one foot in front of the other.

Even if it’s small. Especially if it’s small.

Line up a bunch of days in a row of action, and before you realize it, you won’t recognize where you are.

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