A Story About My Friends, Justin, Mitch, and Rex.

“I should have just gotten my shit together, I’m taking somebody’s seat. You show up at our door thinking, ‘I shouldn’t be here’ for many, many reasons.”

Justin Hoover finished his comments, about his own journey of healing, through self-isolation, depression, and the darkness that accompanied his battle within.

“Man, thanks for sharing,” was all I could muster up without crying or taking the podcast headphones off and coming around the table to give him a huge hug.

We were supposed to be talking about mashing plastic at a wiffle ball tournament and fundraiser.

Rex Hudler was bringing the energy.

Mitch Wheeler was bringing the strategy.

And then Justin brought the truth.

The truth is really painful at times.

It’s shinier to post about how you’re crushing it in every area of your life, at all times.

It’s easier to talk about the sports team and the sunshine.

It’s more comfortable to keep up the facades that have served us, but still fall short of the true self Justin so wisely describes.

The truth is, the truth is pretty messy.

I was changed by this conversation. I was encouraged. I was challenged. I was humbled.

Friends, if you’re anything like Justin, and me, aren’t we all going through some pretty intense battles within?

And, even though it’s not as packaged and shiny, doesn’t the truth feel a bit more like freedom, even in the midst of its messiness?

I hope you’ll give this a listen. And I hope you’ll support our friends at The Battle Within. And I hope you’ll come join our team at Guild Content as we mash plastic in Joe Ungashick’s front yard at the Wiffle at the Hollow.

It might be messy, but it’s true.

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