A Story About My Friend Tod

“Damn, I forgot that Iowa is always so much colder than KC,” I complained, as I jumped in his massive truck, frantically looking for the seat heater button.

He’d already graciously manhandled our “podcast in a bag” into the pickup bed for me, the heavy rolling bag that houses all the audio gear.

We were headed just a few hundred yards away, to a conference room for our podcast recording documenting the Insane Impact story.

As is usually the case, the conversation before the microphones are live are the clues to a better interview, and also, to a deeper relationship.

In those few minutes, he vulnerably shared a story that will remain hidden in those heated seats, but one we’ve lived out in our parenting journey as well.

It’s a topic for a different post, but let’s just say social media probably hasn’t had the most helpful of influences on the next generation, or maybe any for that matter.

The evidence isn’t awesome.

It was a reminder for me, that regardless of title, company size, influence, or any other metric the world may convince you of its importance, we really are all collectively navigating this human experience together.

We got set up, still talking about our families, some bumps and bruises, our teams, and the things we see on the horizon.

“You ready?”

“Yeah man, let’s go.”

There’s something interesting about the podcast format, at least for me. Sure, there’s an audience who listens. And it’s a production, to a degree.

But as the initial intro fades, the beauty is getting lost in the story. Having a conversation. Following the bread crumbs. Recording a sea of sound that may be a life raft for someone going through a similar storm.

“All gas, no brake.”

“Blood, sweat, tears, and beers.”

“Relentlessly innovate.”

“I hired my friends, even though everyone said don’t hire your friends.”

Those are a few pieces of hundreds I’ll take with me on my own journey.

Tod’s energy, vision, and passion are contagious. It was tough not to be moved to action based on his insights.

An hour and four minutes later, we remembered we had responsibilities to attend a big meeting with our teams.

He lugged my bag back into the Iowa winter, we climbed back in his truck, I turned the seat heaters on, and felt gratitude flood in and warm things up a bit.

“Thanks for sharing your story bro, it really encouraged me.”

And I think it will encourage you too.

Take a listen here.


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