A Story About My Friend Josh

Josh Brewster.

He rolled into our office in Liberty, on December 10th, 2020. It had been a minute since we’d seen each other. Years, actually.

Josh is one of those guys who warms up any room he enters. Even one as cold as it was that December morning.

“Hey, this podcast will drop the first week of January, so we can say Happy New Year in our opening.”

It dropped on March 24th. Whoops.

Josh and I met nearly a decade ago, as fresh-faces in the Centurions Leadership Program. A program I ejected from a year early when our family moved to Florida.

But in the time I spent with Josh, here are some key things I soaked in from him:

Grow the Pie – instead of fighting for our own pieces of it, spend time being generous, thoughtful, and connecting, and all of a sudden, everyone will have plenty.

Community Trumps Self – serve, give, show up, build up, find ways to make this place a little better, and in turn, we all get better.

Story Inspires – a wonderful storyteller, Josh lives a great story. Deep, thoughtful, vulnerable, resilient, and honest, Josh’s stories connect to each of us.

I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation with him, I sure did.

Even if I published it 90 days late.


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