A slew of things I’m learning…

Some serious. Some not so.

1. Pain and peace both compound. Avoid pain, get more pain. Deal with pain, find peace.

2. Principles carry farther than playbooks. Operating within frameworks, beliefs, and principles tend to carry through tough stretches more than rigid playbooks of behavior (prone to scrap the play entirely in order to survive).

3. Walking is good medicine. Especially with a partner or in silence. Break sticks, touch the tall grass, see the sky.

4. Say the damn thing. End arounds, beating around bushes, and speaking about a thing instead of saying the honest thing, isn’t actually kind.

5. Choose for yourself. Make enough space to acknowledge the life you have is exactly how you’ve designed it. And then take the responsibility to choose if it’s what you want moving forward.

6. Should’s and supposed to’s are soul prison. Examine the stories of “my parents told me I should…,” “I’m supposed to do, be, act as….” Trace your shame, and it likely involves some should’s and supposed to’s (thanks Theresa Hubbard for the language here)

7. Don’t take others’ stuff so personally. Defended, guarded, invulnerable people take everything really personally. Grounded, open, loving people make space and metabolize the moment on behalf of another.

8. Sleep. A lot. We’re all walking around exhausted.

9. Context is critical. There’s literally always way more to the story. Curiosity gets to context quicker than criticism.

10. Go on record. It’s easy to stay in the shadows, waiting to get picked. But go public with a project or a thing you want to change. Other people who are up to good will help you see it through.

How about you, one thing you’re learning?

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