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A Little More Otherish

There’s often not a day, and certainly not a week, that goes by without some amazing GIF from The Office that floats around our Guild Content Slack channels.

I was a decade or so late to the watch party, and I’m not sure how I survived that decade without Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim, and the Dunder Mifflin team in my life.

But they’re in it now.

“I really should have a Tweeter account.”

Same, Dwight. Same.

Last night, as I went on a run, I scrolled through which audio book or podcast to listen to (lots of times, it’s just “play Nelly and similar artists”, but I was in the mood for brain food last night) and saw Rich Roll dropped an episode with Rainn Wilson and Reza Aslan.

I’m embarrassed to admit I had to google both names to see who they were before I decided if it was worth my ear attention.

“Duh, it’s Dwight’s real name,” my brain played back to me.

It’s a fascinating conversation between the three of them. Frankly, and maybe y’all knew this about him already, but Rainn is certainly not Dwight in real life.

As they waded into some deep, life question type waters, one particular part of the conversation made me scribble a note in my phone.

And it’s when they were discussing how to be a “good person”.

Rainn told a story about someone he’d encountered who discussed how the typical person, certainly the typical American, has a lot of selfishness in them.


But how one path towards being a healthier, more loving, well-rounded person involved developing a good dose of “Otherish” to combat some of the selfish tendencies we all have.

Reza chimed in and said something like, “Oh, I like that. I’ve never heard that, but I’m going to steal it now.”

“So am I,” my brain played back to me.


It’s not as common as the self variety, but it sure seems to make a lasting impact when we experience it.

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