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75 Days

75 days.

That’s how many remain in 2022.

Or at least that’s what Siri said.

I’m not sure how your year has unfolded.

Or what you set out to accomplish and have, haven’t, or (likely) some mixed bag.

Or what challenges, gut punches, sucker punches, hurdles, road blocks, dead ends, or brick walls you encountered along the way.

I can only speak for my own.

And the first 290 of 2022 have been a beautiful, terrible mix of hope, anxiety, wonder, possibility, set backs, shame, encouragement, growth, sadness, exhaustion, clarity, connection, deep work, distracted work, and a million other very human experiences.

Aren’t the ups and downs part of the journey?

Aren’t they maybe the journey itself?

The journey towards, well, whatever it is you’re journeying towards.

The clock ticks on regardless.

The leaves fall.

The winter nears.

The days shorten.

For this trip around, we don’t have to wait until January for some magical new set of opportunities.

We can start that work right now.

Even in the midst of the all the constraints.

We have 75 at bats left, while it still says 2022.

At least according to Siri.

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