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60 Minutes without the iPhone

Real talk time:

When is the last time you went 60 minutes without your phone?

I’ll go first…

I can only think of two in the last several months 😳, maybe even the last year.

Two weeks ago, Brooke and I went on a long walk during the day.

I left my phone behind then, and it felt a bit like freedom.

The second time was mid-January when we took our 18 y/o daughter to dinner.

We were having a “rites of passage” / “holy crap you’re a senior” conversation.

Anyone up for a challenge this week?

Find one block of time where you can leave the phone for one hour.

During the day, in the evening, personal, professional, doesn’t matter.

Just divorce it for 60 minutes.

That’s it. Simple, yet so damn hard.

Then come back and tell us what that hour was like.

I’ll do it too.

I imagine the world will keep spinning, and we’ll even find a bit more joy, purpose, creativity, and connection.

Who is in?


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