3 Components to Foster Misery

The 3 components that foster miserable jobs.

As learned in a peer roundtable group today.

From Patrick Lencioni’s work:

Anonymity | Irrelevance | Immeasurement

Sitting around (and soaking in) the wisdom of a roundtable full of brave leaders who care about topics like this, we discussed Lencioni’s 3 surefire ways to create miserable jobs for your team.

  1. Anonymity – strip them of their voice. Turn them into a number. Remind them they’re a cog. Care only about their performance, not their humanity.
  2. Irrelevance – show them their work is meaningless. Keep them disconnected from a broader story. Don’t celebrate their contributions.
  3. Immeasurement – vaguely communicate, occasionally. Let them play lots of guessing games. Paint no path or picture for their growth.

Of course, the opposite side of this coin could surely be something that would foster the antithesis of miserable humans working miserable jobs.

Being known, being valued, being given clarity.

As hard as that might be to foster, isn’t it worth it?

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