21 Things I’ll Take From 2021

As we close 2021’s chapter and flip to the unknown pages of 2022’s, here are 21 things I’ll take with me from this year’s journey.

  1. We Are Encouragement Deprived – not enough, try harder, do more are messages we’re bombarded with. Speak affirmation and encouragement, to yourself and those around you.
  2. Push Past Your Stories – beyond the story you’ve told yourself (or been told by others) about who you are or aren’t lies someone braver, more creative, and more powerful than you ever dreamed possible.
  3. What Do You REALLY Want? – What do you want? No, what do you REALLY want? Thanks Jim Dethmer.
  4. A Shared Responsibility is No One’s Responsibility. Thanks Marcy Johnson.
  5. You Reach The Summit One Step at a Time – You don’t lose 40 pounds overnight, climb a mountain in minutes, or get rich quick. Tiny, daily habits get you there.
  6. Compound Relationships – “I wish I invested less in the relationships in my life.” – no dying person, ever.
  7. Celebrate. Smile. Laugh. – Maybe we all take stuff a little too seriously.
  8. Failure Means You Tried – And for that, you should be applauded. Not ashamed.
  9. Death is on the Doorstep – A great friend gave me a great book, based on the old book of Ecclesiastes. We’re but a breath. In 250 years, no one will remember us. We’re all destined for death. The invitation is to allow that reality to shape how we live.
  10. Right, Wrong, or the Third Way – I hurt myself and others when I argue about who is right or wrong. Perhaps we can meet on the other side of door #3 instead. Where we move into understanding and acceptance.
  11. Invite More, Declare Less – The way of invitation and development of others is slower today, but will be far more rewarding in decades.
  12. Go Outside – Whatever the elements, get outside today. It’s healing. And it’s calling us.
  13. Simplify Your Life – If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, you’re never going to. Give it away.
  14. Run Headfirst into the Flames – Cowardly is the way of comfort. Bravery stares at the inferno, says “holy…I’m scared”, and then heads in. Thanks Dan Holmgren.
  15. Breathe Deeply – Making 5 minutes a day to breathe deeply seems impossible every day. And then when it’s done, it’s life-giving.
  16. Everyone Is Making It Up – And doing their best. No one has all the answers. We all need guides.
  17. Cope in Healthier Ways – Anxiety, fear, depression, and suffering are real. And we all cope with said brokenness, let’s shoot for coping in gradually healthier ways.
  18. You Have What It Takes – Get quiet, get clear, and trust yourself.
  19. Pain Won’t Kill You – Instead of avoiding it, stop, stare at it, then surrender to it. It won’t kill you, but running from it might.
  20. Satchel of Songs – We all have a satchel full of ideas, dreams, businesses, adventures within us. Will you sing them or keep them stuffed?
  21. Love Conquers All – And it’s undefeated.
  22. Bonus: Sleep – It’s magical. And we don’t get near enough of it.

Farewell, 2021. You’ve paved the way for a new story.

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