10 Things I’m Grateful for as Guild Content Turns Four Years Old

There are 1,000 more, but here are 10 things I’m grateful for as our agency turns 4!

1. Story Sustains – tactics change, platforms evolve, but connecting people to stories will never go out of style.

2. Relationships Built on Trust – without it, it all crumbles. With it, work is way better.

3. A Team Multiplies – I pinch myself when I see the level of talent, depth of character, & work ethic our team has.

4. Impact > Income – the relentless pursuit of impact is more rewarding than the endless pursuit of money.

5. Empathy is the Way – understanding, coming alongside, & listening to our clients, partners, & people is the way forward.

6. In Service to the Client – “Justin, the answer is yes, then determine what is the question,” said a friend & client as he brought us into an opportunity.

7. Operate from Values – trust, connection, & authenticity guide our path, encourage us to be honest, & help us set pace and priority.

8. Multitude of Counsel – having our Board is quite literally a Godsend.

9. Being Present – I spend so much time thinking about who we’re becoming, that I often miss who we already are.

10. Strength in Partnership – in life, & in business, I get to share the adventure with Brooke, my partner.

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