10 team / culture distinctions that seem to be what many desire these days.

– Connected to each other but not distracted by each other.
– Together in 3D but not forced fun.
– Flexible schedules but with clear boundaries on what’s expected.
– Measured performance but not micro-managed.
– Specific encouragement on a job well done, but also coached privately when it wasn’t.
– Led with clarity, while given the opportunity to lead, regardless of title.
– Autonomy on calendar and location, while feeling the weight of that responsibility.
– Trust in leadership, while feeling the freedom to question it.
– Belief in the vision, but a clear understanding of their own specific path.
– The actual truth. And no bullshit.

What would you add to this list?

And leaders, how are we doing in cultivating this type of culture?

I know I have plenty of work cut out for me.

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