10 Questions to Uncover Your Client’s Story

Understandably, there’s a lot of talk about story these days.

But story is far from new. It’s not a buzzword, a trend, or a fad.

Tactics have changed wildly over the years, but the power of story hasn’t. And never will.

If you’re in sales, marketing, leadership, fundraising, design, communication, public relations, community relations, public speaking, podcasting, blogging, financial planning, or a million other fields, your path to promotion, trust, and impact is directly linked to your ability to connect to the story of others.

Here are 10 questions you can begin asking your clients, team members, and prospects to begin understanding their story, so you can connect to them.

1. Why does your organization exist?
2. What words do others use to describe yourself, and your organization?
3. What pain do you take away?
4. What is one story that’s often told in your organization?
5. If you didn’t have to shout, but could whisper something deep and meaningful about your company, what would you say?
6. Why do people leave you (employees, clients, etc.)?
7. What is your company’s superpower?
8. What would your newest employee say you value most?
9. How do you develop the deepest trust?
10. How does engaging with you bring me joy?

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